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Tallinn Estonia Travel Guide

Are you planning a vacation to Estonia?   This portion of our travel guide discusses options for travelling to this Baltic nation.  It also describes the local transportation alternatives that are available to you upon arrival.

The Republic of Estonia is situated in Northern Europe, east of the Baltic Sea and south of the Gulf of Finland. Latvia is located directly south of Estonia while Russia is east of Estonia.

Transportation Services in Tallinn Estonia

Most visitors from western Europe arrive at the Tallinn International Airport.  If you are visiting from Scandinavia or Russia, however, international ferries are a travel option for you.   Many visitors to Estonia arrive on a cruise ship.

Passenger rail service to Estonia is available from Moscow, Berlin and many other western European cities.

Once you arrive in Tallinn, consider taking a city tour aboard a HoHo bus or on the miniature train that runs through the Old City.

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